We offer specialist legal and IT assistance regarding the implementation of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our team of lawyers and IT engineers provides a comprehensive legal and IT solution that is tailored to the client’s needs.

The project cycle begins with a general understanding of the nature of the business and the type of data being processed. Then, a legal and IT audit is carried out, which gives us a full picture of the data processing. The audit results in recommendations with full explanation from our consultants who also help to prepare the implementation of these recommendations – they select the best solution, prepare a valuation and a coherent action plan.

Implementation is a stage of a consistent combination of all elements that make up the security of personal data – internal processes of the company, infrastructure and IT applications, as well as the most important factor, that is people.

Changes, processes and procedures must be justified and clearly explained to employees so that they are adopted in everyday work. Training is considered a key part of implementation, because in most cases people are the weakest link in the security of personal data or company.

After implementation, we provide full support for the completed project as well as for further legal and IT work. The subject of data security must be constantly monitored and developed. There are new threats, data thefts, today data is perceived as a value that is easy to cash. Also, the introduction of new services, the development of the company is often associated with new needs for the processing of personal data and therefore our last cycle in the project recommends continuous monitoring of changes taking place in the organization, affecting the security of personal data.